Eggs for Bodybuilding

Eggs are the quintessential natural protein source for bodybuilders and contain all the 22 necessary amino acids. They’re also incredibly versatile, though there is a large amount of controversy surrounding how to eat them for best.

Many bodybuilders point out that raw eggs retain more of their protein than do cooked eggs and this is certainly true. An even more hardcore approach is to remove the yolk which eradicates the fat and to actually consume the egg shell (which is allegedly also high in protein). Not a tasty snack however and as we discussed earlier removing the yolk is actually counter productive.

Others however are concerned about the potential for salmonella poisoning and find the taste unpleasant. They prefer to soft boil their eggs and eat them that way. What you do here is entirely up to you but let me state here that the risk of salmonella is largely exaggerated.

Firstly, the chances of an egg containing salmonella are incredibly low at 0.0003% (2.3 million eggs in every 69 billion produced each year). Of these 0.0003%, most are from battery hens and hardly any are those marked as having been tested for salmonella. Then, even if you do contract salmonella, chances are it’ll be treatable with probiotics and won’t be life threatening. In other words, to die from a bad egg is incredibly unlikely, especially if you eat good quality eggs.

Personally I swallow mine raw in a mug; white and yolk and often with a pinch of pepper. It’s cheap, it’s quick I don’t dislike the flavour. You should do whatever you feel comfortable with.